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Sri Lanka Telecom’s television arm PEO TV’s latest addition to its already diverse channel list comes in the form of “Shraddha TV”, a television channel focused on offering enlightenment to viewers through the philosophy of Buddhism.

Roshini Rajapaksa Chairperson, Saraddha TV channel exchanging the agreement with SLT Chief Executive Officer Greg Young, CEO, SLT PEO TV, Malraj Balapitiya and Sudath Annasiwatte Director, Sarddha TV, look on. Picture by Roshan Pitipana The channel, which is a partnership between SLT PEO TV and Shraddha TV, will be telecasted from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. on a daily basis under PEO TV Channel. (Number 99). The channel launch will also be available for viewing under local TV Channel TNL.

Ven. Aludeniye Subhodhi Thero speaking at the launch stated that the channel offers enlightenment through the teachings of Lord Buddha at a time when such teachings are of great relevance and importance. He also stated that Shraddha TV intends to convey profound thinking to all with the intention of enriching the lives of all people.

Chairperson of Shraddha TV Roshini Rajapaksa stated that Shraddha TV is dedicated to using television to communicate a positive message through the teachings of Buddhism that would undoubtedly help uplift society. She also expressed her appreciation to SLT Peo TV for extending its support to broadcast Shraddha TV with all its latest technological features.

“The aim of PEO TV is to give the viewer a personalized viewing experience and our decision to launch a Buddhist channel was as a result of increasing demand for religious programming”, SLT Chief Executive Officer Greg Young said. He also stated that the addition of Shraddha TV widens the scope of its coverage and is in line with SLT’s responsibility of offering religious and capable television to its viewers.

Shraddha TV would consist of programmes for viewers of all ages and would be presented in both Sinhala and English languages. Viewers would also be able to experience Shraddha TV in High Definition in future as all programming is conducted using state of the art HD technology.

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