Dhamma talks in English

//Dhamma talks in English

Let’s learn Pali

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How to overcome Anger?


What is anger?
Why we get angry?
How do we react when […]

Bad Destinations


What are the Bad Destinations!

Why are people Different?

1. Thus have I heard. On one occasion […]

The Greatest Wealth

The greatest wealth in the Dhamma Land of Gautama Supreme […]

The Worst LOSS

The Worst LOSS

Insignificant, is the loss of relatives.
The worst thing […]

Friends and Frenemies

::: Friends and Frenemies!

Who we should associate with, who we […]

When the mind is corrupted….

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Avijja Sutta

English Dhamma talk


When the world is burning with the fire of hatred […]

Kusitavattu Sutta

Kusitavattu Sutta – AN