Sponsoring Shraddha Programs 2017-02-09T12:11:43+00:00

1. Sponsoring the “Asirimat Damsaka” program.

Language of the Program – Sinhala

This is a live program broadcasted through the Shraddha TV each weekday from 05:30 to 06:45 pm with the participation of devotees. This program is maintained using contributions by meritorious devotees. You can make a donation to this program for your birthday, in the name of your deceased relatives to pass merits on to them, or for any other special occasions.

2. Sponsoring the “Akālika Munidaham” program.

Language of the Program – Sinhala

This program is aired in Shraddha TV each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 02:00 to 03:15 pm. The program is recorded each Saturday before it is aired on the above days. We have made arrangements for you to join the program, when it is recorded, with your relatives and friends. You can also sponsor this program with regard to a special occasion in your life.

3. Providing support for other Dhamma programs.

You can make your kind donations to all other Shraddha TV programs as you wish.

4. Donating the Shraddha TV programs in general.

Any kind donation with money can be made to the Shraddha TV using the below bank account. Your contribution to continue the Shraddha TV channel is greatly appreciated.

Name of the account: Shraddha Television
Branch: Sampath Bank, Kaduwela branch
Account number: 016 2 100 00 910

We greatly appreciate your contribution in supporting the dissemination of untainted Dhamma to the world through our Shraddha TV channel. May all the merits obtained from this Dhamma distribution efforts be a help for you to realize the Four Noble Truths in this Dispensation of the Gautama Supreme Buddha!