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Shraddha TV is a unique television station currently broadcasting via broadband television network and Internet, aiming to cultivate good human qualities such as empathy and helping one another to heal the world through spiritual and social development. Its intention is to inculcate peace and harmony amongst every Sri Lankans and worldwide community despite their religions and races. Most Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero is the Founder of Shraddha TV. He is the founder of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery.

Most of the programs telecast in the Shraddha TV is in Sinhala language, but some English language sermons are also broadcasted in the channel.

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Shraddha TV Profile

Other than disseminating the Dhamma, numerous social service activities are carried out through the Shraddha TV. These social services include the Shraddha blood donation programs carried out joining with national blood centers in Sri Lanka and providing pure water to the people who suffer from kidney diseases due to the usage of unclean water in the northern region of Sri Lanka, among other such activities.

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Our Vision

To become the wholesome audio-visual icon of television media by developing spiritual qualities and human values of every Sri Lankan and worldwide community at large.

Our Mission

To produce and broadcast TV programmes that are of high standards in supporting the development of the spiritual values of the human beings without any commercial or profit intention/objective and to lead and contribute to socially responsible projects.

The Founder and Key Personal

MOST VEN. KIRIBATHGODA GNANANANDA THEROThe Founder of Shraddha TV and Mahamevnawa Monastery

The founder of Shraddha TV is the Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero. He is the Founder of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries. And also a lot of Venerable monks and lay people contribute in many ways to keep Shraddha TV alive.

Work with Shraddha

If you are a devoted, disciplined and talented person you have the opportunity to work with Shraddha TV 

1. Graphic and Web Designer
2. Radio Producer
3. 3D Animator
4. Camera Assistant

Contact : +9477 3450086 / +9471 4366577

How to watch Shraddha TV

You can watch Shraddha TV twenty four hours a day in all seven days a week via Peo TV channel number 99, Dialog TV channel number 27 and Dish tv channel number 2531  in Sri Lanka.

You can also listen to the Shraddha radio  via FM 105.2 and FM 105.4

People live abroad can watch the Shraddha TV by getting LankaTV connection. You can watch Shraddha TV featured programs from this website or our Youtube Channel.